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StrongDC 2.06

25/12/2007, 08:42, Author: denzab

Popular P2P- client StrongDC has been upgraded to version 2.06.

P2P-client for the communities of Direct Connect (commonly developed for LANs). From classic DC + + client, the program is different by set of additional features. The main difference is the approach to the Multi download of files: if the original client downloads the entire file, the server StrongDC pieces immediately the file from several owners , thus increasing the speed of download.

This P2P sharing network works on the principle of universal access to resources. Each user is allocated a number of files that want to share with the society.

Download StrongDC (3.8 MB - Open Source)

List of changes:
- fixed many crashes
- added info about many libraries which could cause crash
- queue match displays number of really added alternates
- changes in slow user disconnecting
- selecting random chunk position for partial sources
- better transfer’s progressbar coloring
- hopefully fixed “download starting” report
- hopefully fixed URI encoding in Webserver
- yaSSL replaced with OpenSSL
- some changes from DC++ 0.705 SVN
- removed autodisconnecting when speed is below 1B/s
- hopefully fixed timer problems (reconnect, wrong uptime etc.)
- many other fixes - see Developer changelog 

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