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uTorrent 1.8 Beta

27/03/2008, 01:35, Author: denzab

After nearly forty alpha versions released the first beta version of the popular P2P client uTorrent (μ Torrent) 1.8.

uTorrent is a very small size distribution.  251 KB in total that.. If the above argument in fact, has no special significance, the comfortable, thoughtful and very nice interface will be a far more compelling argument for uTorrent. Of course, all necessary functions supported.

This client for the BitTorrent P2P networks became so successful that it recently acquired by a company whose own BitTorrent client (corporate client network) . It was believed that after the purchase of a project uTorrent will be terminated, but as you can see, this has not happened. The program develops, as in the past.
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