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Privacy policy

General issues

We do not disclose any provided contact information to the other companies and/or people. We do not collect personal information about downloads.

Statistics and available files

Information about number of downloads is obtained from Internet Download Accelerator in accordance with the license agreement. Internet Download Accelerator sends information about some links along with file size to MyTopFiles. The links meeting the following requirements are only sent:

  • they do not use authentication and do not contain logins/passwords;
  • they are not HTTPS links;
  • the file size is more than 200 KB;
  • the file is not in the extension ignore list (jpeg, gif, htm, php etc.);
  • the site on which the file is located is not in the site ignore list;
  • the file is not on the local network;
  • they comply with additional requirements to privacy and security.

We do not identify which user downloads which files.

If you think that a particular link should not be sent to the site MyTopFiles, but it is there (can be found using the mirrors search), write to us. We will remove the link from the site as well as change the site and the program so this will not happen again in future.

Links to other sites

The MyTopFiles administration cannot guarantee that links on the site are not broken but we are constantly improving our system to increase the quality of provided links.

Owners of the sites on which files are located are only responsible for contents of files which can be downloaded by links placed on our site.

The base principle of the Internet is a system of links. When a site owner makes some files available to the public he or she must realize possible consequences of such an action. In general we do not block the publication of links to the public sites and do not delete them upon request of site owners or third persons. Howewer if the request is well founded we delete specified links immediately. Write to us if you have any questions.

Adult content and dangerous files policy

The MyTopFiles administration rejects files related to pornography, violence, containing or providing software cracks or which do not agree with our moral principles. We may exclude such files from the rating, delete links to them from the site, or restrict search for them.


A user is fully responsible for keeping his or her password in secret as well as for all actions with his or her account.

The MyTopFiles administration may disable or delete a user's account, if the user violates the MyTopFiles terms of use. Typical violations include:

  • passing of login and password to a third person;
  • publication of advertisement or offensive messages;
  • publication of messages containing rude words as well as messages containing no sensible contents;
  • any manipulation with ratings.

Responsibility restriction

A user is only responsible for any damage made to his or her hardware, as well as for loss of data as a consequence of download of any files.

MyTopFiles has no responsibility for content on other web sites that you may find or access when using MyTopFiles services. Material available on or through other web sites may be protected by copyright and the intellectual property laws. The terms of use of those web sites, and not the MyTopFiles terms of use, govern your use of that material.

By accepting these terms of use, a users agrees that the MyTopFiles service, WestByte Software, its management, owners, employees and partners are not responsible for any losses which already incurred or which may incur in future.

The MyTopFiles administration has the right to change these terms. We may modify these terms at any time without notice to you by posting the revised terms of use on our site

Following access to the MyTopFiles service means that the user accepts these terms including any modifications that we make.

Report Abuse or request deletion
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