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1. Programs Asterisk Password Recovery
Password decryption software decrypts the encrypted characters which are covered under asterisk symbols. Utility unhides the gmail, indiatimes, yahoo messenger, orkut, google, jobsahead, rediffmail, monster, naukri, MSN, hotmail, AOL user login ac...
DDPasswordUnmask.exe 2.90 MB (3 041 534 bytes) Add file to the favorites
File location:
Added: 15/06/2010 | Downloaded: 23/07/2010 Total downloads: 14
2. Programs ActMon PWL Password Finder (WASP) 2.03
WASP displays all passwords of the currently logged in user that are stored in the Microsoft PWL file password database. It allows the convenient management (i. e. supervision and /or deletion) of this file to improve the security / privacy of you...
actmon-wasp-setup.exe 1.32 MB (1 384 429 bytes) Add file to the favorites
File location:
Added: 02/03/2007 | Downloaded: 05/01/2010 Total downloads: 6
3. Programs Password Depot 2.0.8
Password Depot ist a powerful and user-friendly tool for managing all your passwords.

- Best protection of your data due to the encryption algorithm Rijndael 256.

- Using the password generator, you generate passwords that cannot be cracked.


pdepot2.exe 5.24 MB (5 496 704 bytes) Add file to the favorites
File location:
Added: 27/11/2006 | Downloaded: 24/05/2011 Total downloads: 2
4. Programs Password Protect 3.4
Password Protect is a software program to protect your documents against unwanted access. It will not let other users view, copy, or modify your sensitive data. What differs Password Protect from other utilities? It lets you password protect folde...
password-protect.exe 758.24 KB (776 433 bytes) Add file to the favorites
File location:
Added: 16/03/2010 | Downloaded: 25/12/2017 Total downloads: 0
5. Programs Office Password Remover 2.0
Office Password Remover helps users open their password-protected documents, which have been created in Microsoft Word or Excel. Whether you lost or simply forgot your password, this program removes the "open" password, and decrypts the content of...
opremover_setup.exe 823.24 KB (842 995 bytes) Add file to the favorites
File location:
Added: 01/09/2009 | Downloaded: 25/10/2017 Total downloads: 0
6. Programs RAR Password Recovery 1.1 RC17
RAR Password Recovery is a powerful tool to recover lost (forgotten) passwords for a RAR/WinRAR (2.xx and 3.xx) archives. The program supports the "brute-force" attack, dictionary-based attack and dramatically fastest "Booost-Up" attack. The progr...
rar-password-recovery.exe 731.84 KB (749 404 bytes) Add file to the favorites
File location:
Added: 02/11/2006 | Downloaded: 23/10/2017 Total downloads: 0
7. Programs Password Generator Professional 5.552
Password Generator Professional is a powerful, flexible, secure and ultra fast password generator! Create: passwords, login details/usernames, serial numbers, random number, unique keys, e-mail addresses and more! Export to text, XML, HTML, CSV an...
pgpsetup.exe 2.71 MB (2 844 952 bytes) Add file to the favorites
File location:
Added: 12/11/2010 | Downloaded: 13/07/2016 Total downloads: 0
8. Programs Password Protect and Lock Folders 2.1
Folder Password Expert is a software program that lets you restrict access to the folders containing your sensitive data. Secure your documents, prevent people from viewing, printing, or altering them. The folder can be protected simply by right-...
folder-password.exe 846.21 KB (866 516 bytes) Add file to the favorites
File location:
Added: 31/03/2010 | Downloaded: 02/06/2016 Total downloads: 0
9. Programs Wireless WEP Key Password Spy 1.0
Wireless WEP Key Password Spy will instantly recover all WEP keys and wireless network passwords that have been stored on your computer. To get started, click "Find Wireless WEP Keys". It will then display the adapter GUID and all recovered inform...
WKey_demo.exe 364.47 KB (373 216 bytes) Add file to the favorites
File location:
Added: 09/11/2006 | Downloaded: 04/05/2016 Total downloads: 0
10. Programs PDF Password Remover 4.0
PDF Password Remover can be used to decrypt protected Adobe Acrobat PDF files, which have "owner" password set, preventing the file from editing (changing), printing, selecting text and graphics (and copying them into the Clipboard), or adding/cha...
pwdremover.exe 1.07 MB (1 123 793 bytes) Add file to the favorites
File location:
Added: 06/11/2006 | Downloaded: 06/07/2014 Total downloads: 0
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