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Free video converter Convertilla

25/03/2011, 01:10, Author: rm

Convertilla is a simple and convenient program for converting video and music files between various formats. It supports MP4, FLV, MKV, MPG, AVI, MOV, WMV, 3GP, MP3.

After you downloaded a video file or a clip from YouTube you can covert it to the desired format with only two clicks.

Get free video converter 


Download: Convertilla 17.10 MB
video, converter, free

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SnagIt 9.0.1

11/09/2008, 07:17, Author: denzab

A program to capture images SnagIt 9. This release has several bugs fixes.

SnagIt - powerful tool for creating screenshots of all applications (conventional programs, games, video). These screens can be edited using a variety of effects. Supported by preserving the images in most popular graphics formats. Apart from creating the usual screenshots, there are functions for the preservation of animation, that is, all that is happening on the screen and it will be saved in the form of animation movie. Learn the functional richness of the special programs can visit the official site.
tools, view

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Firefox 3.1 Alpha 2

09/09/2008, 05:08, Author: denzab

Firefox - a powerful web browser from the community Mozilla. This browser is open source and a great community, which ultimately, perhaps, gives the program a significant advantage over competitors. It  handles Web pages very quickly with a variety of content. Overall: fast, convenient and stable. It should be noted that Firefox supports powerful system of plug-ins (extensions), which can greatly enhance the browser functionality, adding a lot of features.

To sum it up: the highest quality of performance, support of all popular www-standards, user-friendly interface, stability, high speed - is the list of characteristics by which the browser has the full right to be the best.

This version is available in English only.

firefox, browser

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CDBurnerXP 4.2.1 (919)

26/08/2008, 12:21, Author: denzab

Updated version of free software to burn CDs CDBurnerXP.

This version fixes several bugs fixed (in particular, eliminated the problem with the creation of audio CDs from MP3) and made containment installer.

CDBurnerXP - a free program to burn CDs. The program has the functionality required, which would be sufficient for the ordinary user. CDBurnerXP can burn discs of all types (including Blu-Ray and HD-DVD), records the audio discs, creates and writes ISO-images, can compare with the original files are stored.
CD, cd burning

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uTorrent 1.8

11/08/2008, 03:25, Author: denzab

After months of testing, the final version of the popular BitTorrent-client uTorrent has been released.

Version 1.8 - is an inherently great bugfix. The purpose of this version is to improve the overall quality of the program. Improved compatibility with the operating system Windows Vista, hundreds of bugs fixed. This version has Teredo/IPv6 support added.

uTorrent has a very small size of distribution. 260 kilobytes total, thoughtful and very attractive interface will be a much more compelling argument for uTorrent. Of course it supports all necessary functions, like all current clients for this popular P2P-network.
P2P, free, sharing, tools

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eMule 0.49b

06/08/2008, 01:18, Author: denzab

Final version P2P-client eMule 0.49b has been released.

In version 0.49b made many improvements, fixed security problem, improved interface, improved implementation of UPnP.

eMule can conveniently exchange files in the widely popular network of resources eDonkey2000. The program is the oldest client for this network. Supports 3 networks: eDonkey2000, Source Exchange and Kad.

The network works on the principle shared resources for universal access. Each user provides a number of files which wants to share with the society.
free, p2p

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Virtual CloneDrive

04/08/2008, 06:08, Author: denzab

The new version of virtual CD-ROM Virtual CloneDrive has been released. In this version added support for 64 bit operating systems, made many changes and improvements and updated localization.

A good virtual CD-ROM from the company Elaborate Bytes (the developer of a popular program for copying discs CloneCD). The program allows to work with already prepared to read CD and DVD as an ordinary CD-drive. The creation of up to 8 virtual CD-ROMs is posible. Everything is simple and convenient.

If you need to emulate some protection, it is better to use Alcohol 120%.
CD, dvd, virtual cd

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Opera 9.52 Beta

14/07/2008, 04:17, Author: denzab

The first test version of Opera 9.5 is available for download. This version, like the recently released 9.51, has some bug fixes. Improved stability.

It has a very hast kernel which is capable of very rapid processing of the page. Compared with Internet Explorer, Opera works much faster. Moreover, the developers of the browser called it the fastest in the world that is possible and controversial, but very close to the truth.

browser, free

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Ashampoo Burning Studio 8

01/07/2008, 04:10, Author: denzab

The new release Maxthon - a popular program to expand the functionality of the browser Internet Explorer. This version fixes several bugs. 

The most popular and perhaps most powerful add-on www-browser Internet Explorer. Adds browser in many useful functions. Among other things: an interface based on the taboo to display multiple sites in one window (true for IE 6); means increased security management mouse gestures (gesture assigned the team); AutoFill web forms; work with RSS; blocking advertising and pop-ups and a great many additional amenities. Also supported skins and plug-ins that are fundamentally expanding its capabilities.

CD, recording

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Firefox 3

19/06/2008, 02:36, Author: denzab

A long-awaited final release of Firefox 3. Making it a total of 14,000 updates. The main task facing the developers was to improve productivity and sustainability of the program. Judging by the latest release candidate, developers coped well with the task.

With regard to productivity and stability, it is especially worth noting improved JavaScript-engine capable of processing JS applications 2 times faster than Firefox 2. Now complex sites built on AJAX work faster. Secondly, improved memory usage, eliminating hundreds of minor problems with its diversion and improved caching. Improved reliability of user data storage (bookmarks, history, cookies and preferences), even if it fails, the data should not be affected.
Download: Firefox Setup 3.0.exe 7.15 MB
mozilla, browsers

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