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Tag - file sharing

BitComet 1.01

08/05/2008, 01:37, Author: denzab

Released an updated version of the popular BitTorrent-client BitComet. In this version has minor changes to the interface and corrected bugs.

Client for Peer 2 Peer network BitTorrent. The program has a convenient interface and has a number of useful settings, including: downloadable video viewing, support for DHT, searching for means of several major portals, statistics and other conveniences.

The leader among BitTorrent clients - uTorrent, whose functionality is at a comparable level, but the distribution file size is 20 times less.
file sharing, P2P

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BitTorrent 6.0.1

22/01/2008, 04:33, Author: denzab

Updated client for the popular Peer 2 Peer network BitTorrent.

In any case, recalled: sixth version of the program - is the company's merger with a third-party client BitTorrent uTorrent (which, as always, had developed well). From the original BitTorrent program went to the experience of the development of network protocols, and from uTorrent compact code and a wonderful interface. As a result, the program has become much easier, has acquired the ability to search local peers, a number of simultaneous downloads, the speed limitation, the rapid resumption uploads, RSS-loader, etc. In fact - the same uTorrent.

BitTorrent P2P network with minimum delays have become the most popular in the world, shifted to the honorary first place KaZaA and squeezing eDonkey2000. BitTorrent fundamentally different from their fellow - to download something, you need to be special. Torrent file, a collection of that can be found online. The network operates on the principle of sharing: parallel to how you accept from someone file at the same time you give it to others. Many large developers (usually open-source products, such as Linux distributions), drew attention to BitTorrent and among other distribution channels of their products using this P2P network.

Download (854 KB - Freeware) 

P2P, file sharing

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DC++ 0.704

17/12/2007, 06:30, Author: denzab

Update for the popular Peer 2 Peer client DC + + (Direct Connect).

This Peer 2 Peer system has earned great popularity in the LAN, virtually replacing themselves FTP- servers. Over the last 2-3 years I have not met a local area network, which would not have been developed DC- community. It can be said that for the exchange of files on LAN it is the best way to do so, and perhaps the only real choice. DC + + is rich and popular in the global network. Thousands and thousands of users vary in different files, including Russian-speaking hub. For a list, please visit

This P2P network  works on the principle of universal access to resources. Each user is allocated a number of files that want to share with the society.

Download DC++ (2.3 MB - Open Source)

P2P, sharing, file sharing

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